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 Gift Certificates 

Want to give new or expecting parents the Ultimate Baby Gift


Give the Gift of Safety and Peace of Mind

It's a priceless gift and they'll Thank You for it!!  
When it comes to keeping their most precious cargo safe in the car, we are here to help parents know for sure that they are doing it right!

This Gift Certificate includes a complete concierge car seat installation and comprehensive safety lesson by one of our nationally Certified CPS Technicians.  Correct selection, installation, and use of a car seat can be very challenging.  Our service is available throughout Staten Island, NY. We meet with parents at their convenient location (home, hospital, baby store, etc). 

To Purchase a Gift Certificate
  1. Select one of our services from the drop down menu and click the Add to Cart button. You will be directed to Paypal to make a payment via credit card, debit card, or Paypal account. 
    • If the service is for 2 child safety seats (e.g. twins/siblings in a single vehicle, single child in two separate vehicles, etc), please select "2 Child Safety Seats". 
    • If the service is for 3 or more child safety seats (e.g. multiples/siblings in a single vehicle, single child in separate vehicles, etc), please select "3+ Child Safety Seats". 
  2. In the "Note to seller" option, please include Recipient's Name and Email Address if available.   
  3. Once you have completed your payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you from Paypal. 
  4. The last 7 digits/letters of your payment Transaction ID will be used as your Gift Certificate Number.
  5. Open the downloadable and printable Gift Certificate file provided below. 
    • There are several files available, to correspond with the gift options you purchased. 
  6. After it is printed, you can fill in the information for the Sender and Recipient Names and the Gift Certificate Number (Transaction ID).  If you prefer not to print the certificate or it gets lost, it can always be redeemed by contacting us with the Buyer's name or Transaction ID. 
This gift certificate is not refundable and can not be redeemed for cash. It may be transferable if prior notice is given.