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 Car Seat Recycling Program 

Recycling Program Lets Parents Donate Old Car Seats to Help Families in Need and Keep Car Seats Out of Landfills

Many parents do not know what to do with their infant carriers and car seats once their children have outgrown them. How-To-SAFETY's car seat recycling program gives parents an opportunity to help the environment, and perhaps assist some parents in need.

Used car seats turned into the recycling program are inspected and evaluated for potential future use. Those that are safe to be reused are cleaned and offered to those without the means to purchase a new car seat. Seats that cannot be reused are dismantled and recycled — keeping them out of landfills. 

A donation waiver form may need to be completed for each car seat that is turned in for recycling.

Read more about how to tell if your used car seat is safe

Contact us for more information, to donate a seat, or to find out what seats are currently available.