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Our Services

Professional car seat inspection, installation, and education by one of our nationally Certified CPS Technicians Contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our 2 Staten Island, NY locations, or at your own location (home, hospital, baby store, etc).  Parents, grandparents, nannies, and any other caregivers that transport the child are welcome to join the car seat safety lesson.
Expecting parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment for 1-2 months prior to the baby due date. Don’t wait until the last minute because sometimes babies arrive early! If possible, purchase a new, unused car seat. Read more about buying or borrowing used car seats. If you have not yet purchased a car seat and need some assistance, you can contact us for a consultation.

Want to give new or expecting parents a unique gift? 

We are additionally trained in Safe Travel for Children with Special Healthcare Needs. 
If your child has a medical condition, upcoming surgery or other unique challenges, contact us so that we can assist you in your child passenger needs.

If you have a new or used car seat that you would like to discard safely, recycle, or donate to those without means to purchase safe car seats, 
check out our Car Seat Recycling Program.  If you or someone you know is in need of a car seat but unable to afford the cost of a new one, please contact us to find out what donated seats are available and how we can help.